"Recently I had to describe up to a tourism that is british, exactly why is it well worth to have a spa-vacation in Estonia. She was to Estonia before and for that reason knew Estonian life in general. But she had been extremely amazed when I told her that Estonia has almost 200 many years of spa and health tourism experience. So when she heard about our price-level and various possibilities of treatments and solutions, she ended up being totally speechless. After coping with my praising speech, she asked me personally we will market neighborhood spa services and possibilities..."

It is a tale from Sabina Kaukis, a spa writer in Estonia.

So, it indicates that Estonia has spa that is extremely valuable, resources and opportunities. Salon tourism will be the many unique selling argument of Estonian tourism. It is our spa sector good enough in marketing and promotion?

Enterprise Estonia, which can be accountable for general advertising of Estonian tourism abroad, has plumped for spa and wellness tourism among the focuses how to attract tourist that is foreign Estonia. Their introductory pamphlet Wellness Holidays in Estonia brings out:

That our sauna could be called a Nordic spa - the bather warms himself at 100-degree Celsius and then whips himself with juniper or birch branches, charges into cold water along with his body steaming, and cleans your skin with salt, honey, milk, and plant infusions;
how Estonian tourism farms allow foreigners to have our indigenous health culture - guests are fed with locally grown organic foods while the vacationer may enhance these with environment friendly, classically healthier activities such as hikes in the forests and bogs, canoe trips, or riding;
the variety of different surroundings for spa and health getaway - from rough beaches to top resort resorts, from country spas to pure experiences that are outdoor
Of course the uniqueness of Estonian mud - on 19th century in became clear to spa operators that in addition to water, air, light and warmth, the earth it self ended up being extremely very theraputic for improving someone's wellness;
that there is something for each and every visitor - medical spas are popular next to wellness spas, adventurous water and theme parks, hiking tracks, natural herb farms, and manor homes.

These are some key words how Estonia describes it self as being a spa and health location. Soon we`ll have a look at exactly how spa companies promote their solutions.

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