Software AG's Dr. John Bates is a pioneer in the fields of the Internet of Things and Big Data Streaming Analytics and is widely recognized as being one of technology’s foremost innovators.  In this video from his new book "Thingalytics" he talks about the chapter "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" on creating a new smart cities transport infrastructure in old cities.


Coca Cola, Electrolux, Greyhound Bus, S&P and many more Illustrate Present & Future State of the Connected Planet in a new book Thingalytics

Incubated by KIC InnoEnergy in Barcelona, we speak to the CEO of OpenDomo, Ms. Elisabeth Cuenca, to learn more about the company, its product and her entrepreneurial experience.

GRADIS (Graph Augmented Distributed Intelligent Systems) is experimenting with new LED light technologies to reduce lighting costs

SolabCool is a new business venture that uses waste or ecologically produced heat to power highly efficient cooling systems

Ocean waves are an enormous available resource of clean, renewable energy, however few have managed to harness the power successfully, CorPower intends to buck this trend

Brice Cruchon, CEO of DRACULA Technologies, reveals the secrets behind this leading European player in the production of organic photovoltaic energy

We look at the Energy System Analysis Agency (ESA²) and discover its role in shaping the EU energy and climate objectives

The DeBugger project is investigating how to extract green energy from farmyard manure and human waste

Deutsche Telekom’s Jürgen Hase looks at how cloud and Internet of Things technologies such as machine to machine communication are going to improve the cities of the future.